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IsarFlow is a network monitoring tool for company and service provider networks. Based on Netflow and SNMP data, it provides valuable information about network load, compliance with IP Service Level Agreements, analyses of the traffic flows, and Quality of Service.

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IsarFlow collects, stores and processes SNMP and netflow information. Data evaluation is customizable by the IT professional through web-gui or automated reports. IsarFlow is based on a distributed database architecture for optimal scalability regarding your requirements.

In Combination with netflow, IsarFlow offers the possibility to implement complex state-of-the-art network tasks easily and efficiently:

  • Implementation of user-based cost accounting
  • Efficient and goal-oriented network capacity planning
  • Verification of errors, without the need to rebuild the error scenario
  • Early recognition of active viruses and worms in your network
  • Development of adequate QoS strategies
  • Reports of network utilization in different traffic classes