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Services around IsarFlow

A pilot installation is the beginning of a (hopefully long-lasting) partnership. It is not just important for us to offer a good product, we rather want to understand, for the benefit of all our customers, how individual customers use it in daily operations. Additional requirements are discussed and integrated to complete a custom-made product. In any case, close collaboration with our customers and partners is vital for IsarFlow and its versatility.


The installation of IsarFlow is not the end of our service. Next to the classics, answering 'How To' questions or troubleshooting, we provide periodic software updates for continuous enhancement of the system. And, of course, we give instruction to new functions and functionalities.

As IsarFlow is usually delivered as an appliance, we even take care of hardware issues.

If desired, we offer workshops for effective introduction to the IsarFlow system in order to keep the start-up phase as short as possible.

Ultimately, our goal is to deliver the carefree package to our customers.

As our CCIE certified team is very experienced, we are able to support an IsarFlow integration into your network and the application and organization environment. A common example would be the implementation of user authentication against a corporate directory.

Of course we will never leave you out in the rain with your network issues. And our colleagues from IsarNet AG offer additional qualified consulting and support for your networking projects of any size.